Guided visit to archaeological sites

Archaeological zone Calakmul

It was the residence of the powerful dynasties of Kan, which is depicted with a serpent's head. To date have been identified about 12 governors in the more than 80 inscriptions that are known in the archaeological sites of Mexico and Guatemala.


Archaeological zone Chicanna

Visit one of the most impressive archeological sites in the region.

This ancient pre-Hispanic settlement is one of the 16 currently open to the public of the State of Campeche. Its oldest occupation is located near the beginning of our era during the late preclassic period (300 BC to 250 AD), although its rise dates from the late classic (550 to 700 AD) when carried out Its last monumental constructions.


Archaeological zone becan

Located at a distance of 5 minutes walking from Casa Maya en Calakmul, becan is one of the most important and large archeological areas of the region.

The architecture is characterized by palaces of several rooms wide interior benches, with tall towers and narrow all sides. The towers have impractical stairs and fake temples at the top; Symbolize sacred mountains. The facades often show large zoomorphic masks or squared panels and symbolic vegetable motifs or waterfalls of stylized masks